How do I export multiple references from Google Scholar to RefWorks?

Answered By: Diarmuid Kennedy
Last Updated: Sep 18, 2017     Views: 256

Google Scholar doesn't allow you to export more than one reference at a time to RefWorks.  You can however work around this by using Zotero for Firefox to capture multiple references.  Please find instructions below and contact your Subject Librarian if you need any help.

1. Using the Firefox browser go to and install Zotero for Firefox. When you restart the browser the Zotero icon will appear on the top left-hand corner:

2. Go to Google Scholar and run a search (or go to My Library if you have saved references). Click on the Z icon to display Zotero (it will appears at the bottom of the screen):

3. To select the items displayed on screen click the down arrow beside the Z icon and select Save to Zotero using "Google Scholar":

4. Next you will be prompted to select the references you wish to save:

5. The references you've selected will now appear in the Zotero window.  You can now export everything by selecting Export Library... (Alternatively you can select references and right click to export only those items):

6. When you've clicked on Export Library... you will see the export dialogue box - select RefWorks Tagged as the format and click OK:

7. Zotero will now prompt you to save and it will create a folder called My Library containing a text file also called My Library.  This text file contains the references - the next stage is to import these into your RefWorks account.  In RefWorks select Import from the References menu.

8. From the next set of options select RefWorks Tagged Format as the Import Filter and then use the Browse option to select the My Library text file.  Finally click Import - RefWorks should now import the refererences.

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