Can I convert a RefWorks Citation Manager Word document for use with EndNote Cite-While-You-Write?

Answered By: Richard Fallis
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2019     Views: 166

Yes, you can do this by following the instructions below on a computer with both the RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) add-in and EndNote Desktop/Cite While You Write installed:

  1. Ensure that the RefWorks references used in your Word document are also in your EndNote Library
  2. Open and save a new version of your Word document
  3. Activate RCM in Word (Insert > My Add-ins) and, if prompted, log in to RCM with your ProQuest RefWorks credentials
  4. Change the citation style of your document to the QUB institutional style Convert to EndNote (if this style doesn’t appear automatically, you can search for it) - this will modify all your citations so that they appear in curly brackets i.e. {…}, and it will also cause a grey 'Generating bibliography...please wait' message to appear at the end of your text
  5. Save your Word document and close RCM
  6. Click on the EndNote tab in Word to activate Cite While You Right (you might need to disable Write-N-Cite, as well as Mendeley and Zotero Word plug-ins, in order for Cite While You Right to function properly)
  7. Press [Ctrl]+A or [Command]+A on the keyboard to highlight all text
  8. Press [Crtl]+6 or [Command]+6 to remove any field codes from your document
  9. Use the Cite While You Write Style dropdown menu to choose your desired citation style
  10. Click Update Citations and Bibliography – EndNote will convert all the citations in your document into a format that can be used with Cite While You Write
  11. Click Inset/Ignore/Ignore All if EndNote queries any of your citations
  12. Citations will be reformatted to match your chosen style, and a bibliography will be added to the end of your Word document – if any citations failed to be reformatted, you can delete them and re-add them from your EndNote Library using Cite While You Write’s Insert Citation button
  13. The grey 'Generating bibliography...please wait' may remain - simply click on this, and press the Delete key on your keyboard to remove it. Then save this new, EndNote-compatible version of your Word document.

Screenshot showing the 'Generating bibliography...please wait' message that you will need to delete manually from your Word document.

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